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KASA Sustainability is a home of transdisciplinary researchers

at Sophia University who are interested in advancing

our knowledge to address global challenges including

climate change, equity and sustainability,

hunger and poverty, and inequality.

About Us

Our purpose is to understand the distinct yet interconnected nature of socioecological relations. Drawing on this understanding, we engage in theoretical and empirical research that co-produce conceptual frameworks of and innovative solutions for global challenges including climate change, equity and sustainability, hunger and poverty, and inequality.
We organize symposiums, seminars, and workshops and produce research papers and reports related to these themes

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 Our Values 

 Respect for minority and nature-based local knowledge|マイノリティーの意見とローカルノレッジを尊重します! 

Power determines access to sources of livelihoods including natural resources. While some people have abundant access to land and water, others have only limited access. We must understand how and why minority groups have limited access to important resources, and learn from history, different cultures, and nature-based local knowledge.


 Justice – "Is it fair?"|環境・社会正義を前面に! 

Before we make decisions and put our projects into action, we should first ask:

Is it fair for everyone involved? Is it environmentally just?


 “With others, for others”|他者とともに、他者のために! 

Inspired by Sophia University’s mission, we believe that good actions can be developed with respect for and support from the others.


 Diversity |多様性ー違うことは良いこと!

Diversity is our guiding principle! We honor diversity in living organisms, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and views! Each member has a distinct background, skills, and expertise; together we are stronger! Appreciate everyone’s gifts!

 We are not in control of Nature|自然は人間のコントロールの対象ではありません! 

Nature is taken for granted; people believe it can be controlled, and easily restored by scientific and technological breakthroughs. That’s false! Nature and society are distinct yet interconnected. We are not separated from nature; we are part and parcel of it. 


To change the world, collaboration among people from all walks of life, plants, and living creatures is essential! We must go beyond the corporate model of competition that undermines the weak! Share your knowledge and personal experiences; inspire others to take action.

 No single leader, shared leadership|リーダーはメンバー全員です! 

Our members are equals; we take pride in horizontal organizational structure, where everyone takes responsibility for what we aim to achieve as a group.

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