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Chigira Hasumi


Undergraduate Student

Faculty of Global Studies (with concentration on Civil Society)

Sophia University


Research Interest: Alternative Education, Food, Small Scale Farming, Self-efficiency, Agroecology, Local Revitalization, Steady-state Economy, Civil Society and Sustainability

Other Projects:

  • Summer Internship at Meguri no wa / Tsuchi to Kaze to in Ama-cho, Okinoshima, Shimane

  • Internship at the Asian Rural Institute

  • Internship at the DRCSC (Development Research Communication and Services Centre) in Kolkata and Purulia, West Bengal, India

  • Internship at Grace Home in Khutsokhuno, Nagaland, India

  • Volunteer work at Edible School Yard

What I do for Sustainability

  • Use and purchase eco-friendly and less plastic products

  • Mottainai spirit

  • Eat organic, local and less meat

  • Small gardening


Prior to Sophia Sustainability

Graduated from the Asian Rural Institute (2017).




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