We are working towards a sustainable campus at Sophia University

Over 10,000 faculty, staff, and students study and work on our campus every day. This is a fairly large community in one place where a significant amount of energy such as food, electricity, and water are


So, how can we contribute towards the goal of creating a sustainable campus?

We believe there are many ways!

Still, to transform the way we eat our food has a long way to go...

Let's think about it...

Do we know how much food is consumed every day in our dining halls?

How much food do we throw away including expired sandwiches and bento boxes at Seven Eleven?

How to transform this throw away food cycle into one that can better serve the society and the environment?


We are growing vegetables, fruits, and sometimes flowers in our rooftop farm.

Our goal is to establish a cycle of recycling food on Sophia campus by reusing some of food waste from dining halls as fertilizer for the soil, growing foods in the organic ally fertilized soil, and enjoying the harvest of vegetables and fruits.

Bellow you can check what we've been up to until now!

Have a look at our instagram to follow the whole process of creating our farm!

More soon!