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Lu Thien [Fein]

MA in Global Studies
Graduate School of Global Studies
Sophia University

My current research topic is the Social Sustainability of Street Food in Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam. As we all know, environmental sustainability is always mentioned in various papers regarding food consumption. However, social sustainability plays an important as well in illustrating a balance livelihood of a society. Vietnamese street food is often regarded as unhealthy and not suitable for a modernizing country and, thus, is being abolished by the local authority and Vietnamese government. My research aims to introduce the concept of social sustainability and the situation of Vietnamese street food.


In the near future, I hope I can study more about the globalization of foodways in Vietnam and other countries to improve the environmental impact of food industry around the world.

Research interests: Sustainability, Environment Issues, Foodways, Farming and Gardening products, Human Behavior, Mental Health.

Lu Thien is a MA student in Global Studies at Sophia University from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. He undergraduated in Culture, Society and Media at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU), Beppu city [2013-2017].

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