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Campus Farming Diary #01

Uno Daito, KASA Sustainability

We are now starting KASA Campus Farming Diaries, and we are excited to share with you our practices and show little by little how we are growing food and connecting with nature on our campus!



Why Campus Farming?:

① For KASA: Learning FROM NATURE


By growing organic vegetables, fruits, and sometimes flowers and enjoying our harvest, we connect with nature and appreciate the importance and difficulty of growing food.

② At Sophia Univ: Sustainability


To create a circularity of resources by turning food waste into fertilizer to grow plants on the Yotsuya campus.


The land in Japan has a strong tendency to be acidic; the pH of the soil is adjusted by mixing alkaline lime with the soil to make it weakly acidic so that plants can grow easily.

For that reason, we used common magnesium lime.

On August 20th, we met for...

Plow and flatten the soil. Credits:Uno Daito (August 2021)

①Pull out weeds 雑草を抜く

②Plow and flatten the soil 土を耕し平らにする

To dig deep required more power from me than I expected! We had to plow well to make the soil soft.


③Mix lime materials with the soil



Mix lime materials with the soil. Credits: Uno Daito (August 2021)

Pull put weeds. Credits: Uno Daito (August 2021)

In the next Campus Farming meeting:

We will make a compost structure,plant seeds, and grow vegetables and herbs.

We are now thinking about what kind of plants are suitable for our flower bed.


Vegetables and herbs we will plant. Credits: Giuli Nagai (August 2021)

Do you want to join our next Campus Farming meeting?

Let us know by commenting on our Blog post or writing a message to

And don’t forget to check out the next post on our Campus Farming Diary




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