Rafael Noel

MA in Global Studies
Graduate School of Global Studies
Sophia University

As more and more people begin to dwell in urban areas, it has become increasingly important to tackle and problematize matters of sustainable shared resource management and equitable living space arrangements. For many cities in the Global South, the rural-to-urban population trend threatens to exacerbate already tenuous socioeconomic conditions. In this light, I am formulating my thesis on the durability of spatial inequality in Metro Manila, hoping to shed light on how the lived experience of the rich and urban poor shape the city's political and social dynamics.

Research interests: Spatial Inequality, Poverty and Inequality, Political Economy of Development, Urban Economics, Socioeconomic Class, Social Justice, Public Policy, Education, Postcolonial Literature, Sustainability.

Rafael Noel is a Master of Arts student in Global Studies from the Philippines. He spent his undergraduate years at Ateneo de Manila University, graduating with a bachelor's degree focused on philosophy, English literature, and management. After teaching at the high school level and subsequently spending some time in the private sector, he now feels compelled to learn more about development and how to address inequalities.