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Environmental Change Workshop Series

Welcome to KASA Sustainability's workshop series on climate mitigation, agrarian and environmental change, agriculture and food, and sustainability topics. Held twice a semester, KASA hosts a reading seminar + speaker seminar which encourages researchers and students to learn and share their knowledge.


With support from the Sophia University Graduate Program in Global Studies and as part of the Political Ecology Network, we aim to create a conducive space for researchers and students to exchange ideas, discuss and promote research; expand graduate student access to resources to collaborate, support and publish about climate change mitigation and food research. 




New entry farmers from a non-farming background: challenges and opportunities faced by Japan’s new generation of farmers 
by Prof. Niccolo Lollin

14 JULY 2023 | 05:00 PM


The recent rise of pro-rural migration is a welcome trend for Japan’s shrinking regions and for its declining agricultural sector. Despite the growing number of agricultural entrants from a non-farming background, however, statistics show that only half of self-employed new farmers earn sufficient income to live on five years into farm management. This presentation focuses on financial support available to aspiring farmers, their aspirations, and mismatches between agricultural policy its local implementation. 

Niccolo Lollini is currently a Faculty member at the Graduate School of Governance Studies at Meiji University. He completed a doctorate in Social Anthropology at the University of Oxford.  Previously, he has worked on a farm, studied international relations at Waseda University and the University of Bologna. He is interested in agricultural policy, agri-food systems, property issues, and rural forms of organization.

Speaker Workshop Program - July 14, 05:00 PM

Welcome Remarks and Introduction
05:00 PM (GMT +9)
Speaker: New entry farmers from a non-farming background by Prof. Niccolo Lollini
05:05 PM (GMT +9)
Open Forum: Discussion and Q&A
05:35 PM (GMT +9)
Closing Remarks and Housekeeping
06:25 PM (GMT +9)
Group Picture
06:30 PM (GMT +9)
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