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Salmon and Indigenous People: An Interview with Masaki Sashima and Morihiro Ichikawa

Updated: Jun 30

This is part of a series of blog posts and videos exploring how we can design sustainable food systems. The following video features an interview with late Mr. Masaki Sashima (honorary Chairperson, Raporo Ainu Nation) and Mr. Morihiro Ichikawa (Hokkaido-based lawyer). In the video, the moderator Takeshi Ito (Sophia University) asks them three main questions: first, what are the roles of salmon in Hokkaido’s ecosystem and in Ainu culture?; second, how has the environment for salmon changed?; and third, how effective are local and indigenous knowledge systems in thinking about environmental conservation and environmental justice? It is an abbreviated version of the interview conducted in June 2022.

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