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Salmon Recovery: An Interview with the Wild Salmon Center

Updated: Jun 30

This is part of a series of blog posts and videos exploring how we can design sustainable food systems. Food production for human consumption generates negative impacts on the environment, creating trade-offs between human activity and ecosystem integrity. We listen to the voices of people on food supply chains–e.g., farmers, fishers, foresters, traders, retailers, and consumers–to understand some challenges, contradictions, and trade-offs that underlie the foundation of our food systems. This also contributes to and is linked to integrating sustainability into university curriculum and everyday teaching. By accumulating a wealth of knowledge through research and interacting with students through teaching, we collaborate with concerned people and amplify our voice for the need of alternative food systems, which are based on the principles of social-ecological justice and sustainability.

The following video features an interview with Will Atlas, Senior Salmon Watershed Scientist at the Wild Salmon Center based in Portland, Oregon. The Wild Salmon Center is an international organization working to protect wild salmon ecosystems across the North Pacific. They have programs in Alaska, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, California, and the Western Pacific.

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