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What does sustainability
mean to us?

Our definition of sustainability for us based in a university encompasses three areas that are central to the missions of higher education.

  1. Research and Education

  2. Practice and Infrastructure

  3. Community Engagement



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KASA Sustainability

​How we understand sustainability

and learn to be sustainable beings

  • At the heart of these interrelated areas is the core belief that humans are not in control of nature. Sustainability is a condition that allows the sustenance of life-making by both humans and nonhumans.

  • Sustainability can be realized when we recognize and celebrate the complexity and dynamics of human-nature interactions.

  • Through research, education, practice, and global/community engagement, KASA Sustainability creates an arena where faculty, staff, and students work together and learn to be sustainable beings.




“A way of living that simultaneously decenter humanity from its

privileged position at the core of environmental/resource discourse and emphasizes the folly in thinking that nature can and should be controlled for the protection and preservation of the natural biodiversity and complexity

that is the preconditions for

all life on earth to flourish.”

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